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Bracelets made of stones

Bracelet made of beautiful agates in shades of brown with an interesting shape. The stone has been c..
45.10 zł
Ex Tax:36.67 zł
The bracelet is made of agates with a rectangular shape, finished with silver elements. The stones i..
50.82 zł
Ex Tax:41.32 zł
Bracelet made of beautiful multi-colored agates with a predominant shade of green. The stone has bee..
48.63 zł
Ex Tax:39.54 zł
Bracelet made of round lapis lazuli stone with a beautiful dark blue color. The stones have been com..
49.51 zł
Ex Tax:40.25 zł
Bracelet made of colorful faceted agate. Ideally your colors will revive your everyday creations. Cl..
55.00 zł
Ex Tax:44.72 zł
Blue faceted jade bracelet finished with a silver clasp. The stones with a beautiful blue - turquois..
46.20 zł
Ex Tax:37.56 zł
The bracelet is made of a large, round tiger's eye stone with a beautiful golden-brown color. The ti..
55.17 zł
Ex Tax:44.85 zł
Bracelet made of colorful faceted agates finished with a silver clasp. With its wonderful colors, it..
57.43 zł
Ex Tax:46.69 zł
AmazoniteParameters of the bracelet: weight: 16.48 g; length: 19, 20 cm.Diameter of the stone: 8.5 m..
53.47 zł
Ex Tax:43.47 zł
Bracelet made of beautifully iridescent green labradorite with a unique shape. Finished with a class..
59.41 zł
Ex Tax:48.30 zł
Bracelet made of beautiful crystals in various shades of gray. The stone has been combined with a de..
77.23 zł
Ex Tax:62.79 zł
Bracelet made of crystals and black faceted agates. The stones sparkle beautifully and reflect light..
85.00 zł
Ex Tax:69.11 zł
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