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About Us

We have been dealing with pearls for over 20 years. This shop was created from our passion so as everyone can see what a pearl is, which is always one of a kind. We choose perls straight from the breeding personally, therefore we do not have any intermediaries. Thanks to this all we can offer the highest quality pearls at competitive prices. 

e-mail: sklep@perlyikamienie.pl

Store in Warsaw  :

ul. Wałbrzyska 11 lok. 113
CH LAND Warszawa 02-739

www.perlyikamienie.pl  -is an online shop owned by INTRAKON Konrad Wiśniewski, CH LAND Warszawa 02-739
ul. Wałbrzyska 11 lok. 113

WWW.PERLYIKAMIENIE.PL is the company's basic marketing tool, the aim of which is to gain a leading position on the European wholesale market of breeding pearls supplied by the co-owner of the company directly in Chinese breeding. At the beginning, we guaranteed the best quality with the lowest prices. We will look consistently by maintaining quality, lowering prices to the level of wholesale prices in China. We will not hide that the key recipients of pearls and jewels we sell will be jewelery and goldsmiths from the rich countries of the European Union, without neglecting deliveries to Polish wholesale and even retail customers. Especially in Poland there is no better promotion and advertising of products than the direct approbation of satisfied customers.

Bearing the above in mind, WE INVITE YOU ALL OF YOU TO REVIEW OUR OFFER in the online shop and directly at the store in Warsaw.